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WHAT. The mother fuck!

The Evolution of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin

**Updated Review**


So I've had more time to process this book...and the worst cliffhanger ending in the history of cliffhangers. 

I loved it! I really did. I still wished I'd waited. I can't take it back. But it was still as awesome and heart-pounding as Unbecoming. But I'm left with more questions than answers and that sucks. I hate that we have to wait. For 8 months. But I'm lucky I picked this up now, as opposed to last year when it first released...since those readers will have had to wait almost 2 years for the ending. Gah! Still. It sucks either way! 

Now. If you don't mind cliffhangers that make you wish you could cut your eyes out, by all means, pick this book up and suffer. But if you're like me, and can't deal with cliffies...for longer than a couple months, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!!!! 

Seriously. Wait. Until. Right before the next book is out. 

Now, like I said, this book was awesome. So fucking intense, I felt I was in a mental hospital. So much shit happens. So many new theories arise. So many more questions go unanswered. But the characters are still awesome.
I love Daniel. He's such an amazing big brother. It's funny, because I have an older brother named Daniel( he goes by Danny) and he's always been my protector, best friend. So I loved seeing his love for Mara. He's funny and sarcastic. And one scene in particular, he had me crying ugly tears. His heart is gold. Ah! I love him!!! 
Jamie was really kickass too. I've always enjoyed his wit and asshole tendencies. He's much more angry in this book. And with reason too. After the shit that went down in Unbecoming, I can understand it. But we learn more about him...and his sister too.
I love Mara's parents and little brother. I feel bad they have to see their daughter so troubled. They don't believe her in ways, and I get it. But it still breaks my heart for them that they have to make tough choices regarding her well-being. It's every parents nightmare.
I loved Mara. She really faces a lot of bull shit. But she faces fears and tries to fight. To protect those she loves. I'd hate to be in her shoes. But damn did I wanna shake her at times. She was too scared when it came to her and Noah. That made me crazy. Still, I understood her. I only hope she fucks shit up in the last book and gets her revenge...
Noah. Oh. I can't even. No. I have no words. No. Words. Only tears. He was more than perfect in Evolution. Fuck! He was. He really was. God. I love that boy. Son of a bitch. I'll shut up. 

I won't even talk about who I hate. 

Anyway, this book was great...minus the end. But I still wish I never bought it yet. I can't give this book less than 5 stars...it was too awesome...mind-fuckery. But amazing nonetheless.


Well, at this point, I'm pretty sick. I sobbed my eye balls out and then threw up. I can't even...I don't know what to think. I finally stopped crying and stopped my nails from digging into my palms and drawing blood. I stopped shaking. But inside I'm still pretty much dying...no dead. I'm dead inside.

I can't rate or properly review this book. I've never...no, not since Bloodrose, have I been so infuriated with a book. I know this is not the end which is why I won't rate or review this book because things may be different once the end is concluded. And god damn it to hell I hope it is, because otherwise...I don't even know.

Until that last chapter, I loved the book pretty fiercely. My heart was up in my throat through the entire thing. But yeah, I can't. I'm about to go total mind-fucking crazy right now. It was brutal. And it was intense. And damn does this author have incredible writing. Every emotion known to human-kind surfaced. But I was feeling them all at the same time in every scene. And they were simultaneous.

I wish I could unread this book. I want to cut my eyes out and feed them to my cat. I want new unseeing eyes...until Retribution of Mara Dyer is out. But I have to wait until JUNE of 2014.

I'm out.