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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer  - Michelle Hodkin

What. The. Actual. Fuck.?????

I'm gonna say that ending somehow did not surprise me. I was getting small hints but I kept second-guessing myself. I thought I was right and then I thought I was wrong. Then I thought maybe I was right all along. Then it didn't make sense. Then...then...then... Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Through the whole damn book.

Holy. Shit. 

I was right. I wished I was wrong because now I'm pissed. I can't believe that . Gah!!!

This book was so fucking awesome! I started it yesterday afternoon and by the time I went to bed I was at 90%. I couldn't put this bitch down. I didn't want to. It was so damn addicting. The story was crazy mind-fuckery but I felt compelled to unravel the mystery behind who Mara Dyer was. I loved it! It was a puzzle that needed solving. Damn was my mind racing with so much junk, I couldn't quite decipher what was true. Ah! Brilliant.

Let me just talk about Noah Shaw. Holy sexual magnetism that boy produced. He was such an arrogant asshat in the beginning, but I still loved him. His witty, quirky, banter he'd throw out...it was hilarious. Some thought he was a manwhore. Yeah well, he was that too. I don't care. I don't fucking care. He was awesome!! He was kind. He was charming. He was understanding. He'd felt pain and loss in his life. But he changed once he met and spent more time with Mara. They were so good together. She made him good. So therefore, I. Don't. Care. He's reached one of my top fave YA boys. Yep. Oh boy, just his name makes my insides turn to jello. Noah. Shaw. Yummy yum!! 

I loved Daniel. Mara's sweet and loving older brother. He rocked! He was always there for her. He covered for her when she would skip school or when she first started going out with Noah. He was just badass. Everyone wants an older brother that would take the blame first to protect you from getting in trouble. There was already so much Mara was dealing with, I was glad she had him. Yeah, he rocked. Joseph was adorable too. 

And now...now I need the sequel. This sucks! I still can't believe that ending. Gah! My head hurts. Seriously. I've got the worst migraine ever and it was due to lack of sleep. But that's not unusual. Still. It sucks. But what the fuck ever. For Noah, I'll suffer!!!!

Seriously, I'm kicking myself for putting this book off for so long. I've wanted to read it since last year but hesitated. Why? Who the fuck knows. I was dumb. If you have doubts...go against them. This book is worth it. Read it. It needs more attention. Amazing!!!

My Review

So, Mara Dyer is a 16 year old who just survived an accident where her 3 friends died from a building of an asylum (in which they've spent hours trying to record some supernatural occurrences) have collapsed on them. But Mara wakes up in the hospital and she can't remember what happened. Her parents move them to a new town in Florida, away from her old life in Rhode Island. She hopes to move on with her life, start over at a new school, make new friends. 

But her life is nothing if not complicated from then on. She has hallucinations, sees things that aren't there, has panic attacks in the middle of school, in public, and soon her life begins to unravel. Especially when she sees the ghosts of her dead friends.

When she goes to the doctor and therapy, she is prescribed medicine to keep her hallucinations away. And it works. For a little while. But things only get worse. Far worse. And I don't envy her a bit. Her life sucks ass. It's scary and dangerous. Well, when she meets Noah Shaw who is different than he appears, I might be envious. Just a bit. But who isn't?! He's hot, funny, sarcastic, arrogant, assholish...at least at first. But soon, he changes. When he and Mara get closer, things start to get all fucked up. He has secrets of his own that might rival Mara's. Or it tie with it. Hell I don't know. Lets just say, they have a lot in common. And they learn they need each other. Noah knows about her secrets, dark and disturbing secrets, yet he still wants to be with her. He wants to help her. But can she be helped?!

It's hard to say. But he'll do anything to help her. Because he loves her. Gah! He's so caring and sweet. And the sexual tension and heat between them is explosive. There wasn't any sex in this book...barely any romance really. But I didn't care. It was amazing anyway. Because the story itself was enough to make up for it. And of course Noah. He alone made this book worth reading. I get what the hype around him was about. And I fell into the "I love Noah fucking Shaw" group. Oh yeah. Sue me. He came off as douchy but he wasn't. Not to me. It's what's on theinside that matters...not the outside. Haha okay, that sounded cliche. But what the fuck ever. You get my point.

I do wanna say...I HATE Anna and Aiden. Those mother fuckers should suffer for what they did. I liked Jamie, he was the only friend, besides Noah, that Mara made at her new school. He was sweet and a great distraction for her. And those bitches ruined it. Gah! I hope they get their asses handed to them in the sequel. Seriously. 

Okay, so I just had to add a little to this all-over-the-place review. I loved this book and so glad I finally read it!!! It was definitely worth the lack of sleep.