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Amazing Sequel!

Through the Ever Night - Veronica Rossi

~5 Aether Shining Stars~

I can't believe how good this was. My heart was pounding during so many scenes. My mind was screaming in terror or suspense for Roar, Aria and Perry. It was such an intense journey, that I felt torn between both Aria and Perry most of the time. My heart broke for Roar and Liv. I wanted to strangle Hess and Sable. I wanted to leap into the book and comfort Roar and Perry both equally. Both of those boys really captured my heart just as immensely in this book as they did in Under the Never Sky and Talon and Cinder both had me in awe of their young innocence, and their hold they both have on Perry. 

This was a stunning sequel to a spectacular Dystopian series. I thought I'd love this just as much, but I reallyloved this book So. Much. More. The world building was just as enticing and intriguing as it was vivid and captivating. I have so much love for this world and the characters even moreso.

Through the Ever Night picks up right where Under the Never Sky left off. With Aria and Perry reunited after months of separation. It was a beautiful reunion.

Perry held her against him. "I missed you," he whispered in her ear. He couldn't hold her close enough. "I should never have let you go. I missed you so much." 

But it was short lived. With Perry now as the Blood Lord of his newfound tribe, taking Vale's place, his people are not happy that Perry's taken in a Dweller. A mole. They argue and gossip behind her back, making her feel out of place, like she doesn't belong there. Even though she's half Outsider too, they don't care. Nothing will change how they feel about her being there. Perry has a tight ship to run, and these are his people. He's never considered how difficult life as the Blood Lord would be, considering everyone listened to Vale without question. Even when Vale showed his lack of consideration for his people, sacrificing for the wrong reasons. Perry always had everyone's best interest at heart. The only other one who's happy to see Aria is Roar.

A second later, Roar blew into the house in a dark flash. "Finally!" he bellowed. He wrapped Aria into a hug, lifting her off the ground. "What took you two so long? Don't answer that." He glanced at Perry. "I think I know." He set her down and then clasped Perry's hand. "Good you're back, Per." 

Roar and Aria have such a wonderful connection in this book. They grow closer, a fond closeness that both of them need throughout the book. Eventually, circumstance calls for Aria to once again leave Perry's side when an incident happens. She leaves with Roar to set off on the hunt for Liv since they know where she is. Both of them missing Perry, but she knows it's for the best. He has a tribe to run, people who don't want her there. She's on the search for the Still Blue, to help bring Talon back to him. Roar and Aria have a lot in common and really connect in ways that both warms and breaks your heart. He's miserable without Liv, she's miserable without Perry. Their bond is tight and unbreakable, as strong as a friendship should be without bordering on a love triangle. I was so glad that Rossi didn't go that route. I love Roar so much, but they needed each other as best friends, rather than a romance. I enjoyed watching their interactions and banter. Roar always makes you laugh with his witty charm. But he can also make you cry with his inner deep emotions he doesn't often let show, except when it comes to Liv. I was so emotional when we realized what Liv was doing and on her way to doing. It tore Roar's heart in two. I admit, I hated her for a moment because of it. But once she explained things, her reasoning for doing them, I couldn't help but feel sadness for her. She was doing it to help her brother, Perry. But still, it sucked for Roar. And then....yeah, that happened and I just lost it. Roar goes through so much only to have that happen. I felt his turmoil and anguish. But I was thankful that Aria was there to help him through it. They both shared a lot of heartache. Her chapters had me in tears and I loved her interactions with Talon while she was in the Realms. I seriously wanna picture what her Smarteye looks like. And I can't help but wonder how it looks to go from one Realm to the next. It's fascinating. Aria is such a bad ass heroine. I love her loyalty to Perry, and how she'd do anything to get his nephew back and her sacrifices she makes without pause. She's tough and brave and beautiful and I can't help but love her. Rossi really did a tremendous job with her character.

But then Perry's chapters had me smiling and teary-eyed and wishing that he was with Aria. Even though the romance was subtle and not the main focus (which was a really good thing actually), you could feel his love for her. See it in his eyes and the way he would think about her constantly. It broke my heart. Even though I knew why she left and he didn't, I never once felt that she did it to hurt him. But being in her position, I could see why she did leave without telling him. And then, I could also understand his hurt and constant blame that he was the reason she left. Ugh, it was so hard to read and experience. I hated seeing Perry blame himself. He had so much going on, so much he had to deal with. It's hard knowing what the right choices were when everything was going horribly wrong no matter what way you turned. He had a lot on his shoulders, responsibilities he never considered in his status. But one thing I always loved witnessing was his interaction toward Cinder. He's such an amazing guy, and his love for children shines through so beautifully. It made me all teary when he had his talk with Cinder. 

Cinder's eyes filled with tears. "She knows what I am."
"You think she cares that you're different? You saved her life, Cinder. You saved the Tides. Right now, I think she likes you better than Flea."
Cinder blinked. Tears rolled down his face, seeping into the pillow. "She'll see me this way."
"I don't think she gives a damn what you look like. I know I don't. I won't force you, but I think you should come. Marron has a special place set up for you, and Willow needs her friend back." He grinned. "She's driving everyone crazy." 

Tenderness and love was such a big part of this tight knit family. Even though they drove Aria away, they eventually stuck by Perry during the most crucial times. The Aether storms that hit over and over again, destroying the compound, the tribe of people who were starving. It made me realize how realistic it all is. Things like that could one day be our world, and it makes it so much more believable. I loved how loyal Reef was to Perry. No matter the decisions Per made, even if Reef didn't always agree, he stuck by him. He was probably one of my favorite secondary characters. Although he could be considered a main character in this book. You meet him in UtNS and he becomes such a solid asset to the Tribe and Perry. Their friendship grows and they learn to trust each other fully. I was glad in the midst of what Perry was facing, whether it was emotional breakdown from Aria leaving or doubts about the Tide's well-being, or just anything, Reef was there to help pick up the pieces, give advice. He was just awesome. I still didn't like Brooke, especially in the beginning. Her attitude toward Aria had me cringing and wanting to strangle her neck. And then there was Kirra. Oh hell no bitch! He doesn't want you, betraying little shit! What she did in the end really had me screaming for blood. I didn't trust her since she came into the picture, but that? Damn, that was a low blow! I'm interested where that will lead in the next book. 

Overall, this book surpassed my expectations, every one of them. I felt every emotion I felt in the first book and then some. But since I had an understanding of the world Rossi created, I enjoyed this more. The world building was still up to par and the character development was outstanding. That is probably my favorite part of it all. The whole series actually. I like Reverie, the Tides, the Realms, but even with their worlds being so completely different and vivid, I love the characters the most. They make this series real to me. I love their bonds, relationships, closeness and loyalty. It's truly captivating and significant. I really can't say enough good things about this series. I can gush all day long about how much I love it. But I know that at some point, I'd become repetitive, which can get boring. So I'll just say, I recommend all Dystopian lovers to pick up Under the Never Sky and try it out. I don't doubt that it'll suck you in from the start and have you dying for more. I'm in need ofInto the Still Blue I can see that book being as epic as the other two, if not more. But then again, I'm okay with the wait since it'll prolong the conclusion to this amazing story of Aria and Perry and the rest of the awesome characters. Seriously, try it. You won't regret a single thing and you'll be glad you listened to me.

Favorite Quotes

"Does this still bother you?" she asked, tracing the scars with her fingers.
"No. It reminds me of you...of when you bandaged it." He lowered his head bringing his cheek next to hers. "That was the first time tou touched me without hating it." 

"It was my idea. It's the safest way, but it's strange pretending to be something different. It's like there's a glass wall between us. Like I can't touch him or...reach him. I don't like the way it feels."
Roar wiggled his knee, upsetting her sand pile. "Does his voice still sound like smoke and fire?"
Aria rolled her eyes. "I don't know why I told you that."
He tipped his head to the side in a gesture that was pure Perry, putting a hand over his heart, which wasn't. "Aria, your scent...it's like a blooming flower." He modulated his voice perfectly to sound like Perry's deep drawl. "Come here, my sweet rose." 

"You know glass is pretty easy to break, Aria." Roar was watching her, his gaze thoughtful.
"You're right. You've convinced me. I'm going to break the glass, Roar." Next chance I get."
"Good. Shatter it." 

"You broke me in half when you left," he whispered. 

Soren grinned. "That's right, I do. I saw everything Sable and my father talked about. But I'm not saying a word in front of the Savage."
Perry's arms tensed around her. "Call me that again, Dweller, and it'll be the last thing you ever say." He shifted his back, relaxing again. 

He brought a sense of rightness. She felt it every moment she spent with him. Even the wrong ones. Even the painful ones, like now. Perry's hands stilled. He looked up, and his gaze told her everything. He felt it too. 

The moment Aria had taken his hand in the roof at Marron's, she'd changed everything. No matter what happened, she'd always be the one.