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I have no idea where to begin with this review, my emotions are still very raw since I turned the last page of this book. But I will begin with the cover.....I LOVE THIS FREAKIN COVER. There are two different versions of this book. I got the hardback book the day it came out. OMG, as soon as it came out I was there. I called up my B&N and asked them to put this book on hold for me cause I was halling ass up there to get it! I feel like there was a wave of de ja vu. When I had this book in my hands, I clutched it to my chest and breathed in the book. Silly I know. But seriously, those two on the cover resemble very closely Noah and Echo. The other version is on ereader and I don't like that one as much. I am happy with the cover I've got. I mean look at them. First of all, the guy is smokin HOT and his position practically thrusting her up against the locker. Come on, that says enough right there. Oh yeah, I love it. And she's all leaning into him with her foot on the locker, supporting her. If I was her, I wouldn't be able to keep from collapsing with him that close. Damn! Anyway, you get the point, I love the book cover.

When I first heard of this book, I was all over it. I looked up reviews and so many reviews raved about this book. I also noticed ALOT of comparison to Simone Elkles' Perfect Chemistry. And if you know me well enough, you know how much I devoured that book. SO it was a safe bet that I would love this book just as much. But guess what? I love this book even MORE!!! I'll always love my Alex Fuentes....but my heart has now found Noah Hutchins and I can't help but say, HOLY SHIT! He will rock your world, I promise!

So now to get on with my review. 

Echo Emerson lost everything the night her brother died in Afghanistan and she woke up in the hospital with no recollection of what happened to her...except the scars on her arms now her mom has a restraining order against her. She walks the halls like a zombie and is scared to be hersef around her friends that were there for her before the incident. Now they turn their back on her because she is different. They treat her like an outsider. She was dating popular boy Luke and when it got to be too much for her, she broke it off and quit going to school.
Her dad wanted her to get help. So she starts seeing social worker Mrs. Collins who tries everything she can to help Echo remember what happened that night that tore her family apart. Once she remembers, she might feel better and can finally sleep in peace for the first time in 2 years. In the mean time, she tutors a boy for chemistry, who is not much different than her....

Noah lost everything the night of the house fire 2 years earlier, which claimed his parents. His brothers were taken away and he was bouncing from foster family to foster family. Until Mrs. Collins became his social worker, claiming she could help him get his life back on track. Getting tutored by Echo was the last thing he expected...but maybe it was the best thing that ever happened to him. Together they worked to get answers about their past, that might help them both heal and face a future that is unknown. But can they do it together or will it shatter their world even more?

WOW, when I finished this book last night, I felt numb. I'm not saying there wasn't an HEA and I'm not saying there is. I'm saying from the moment I opened the book and started the first page, I felt every emotion from giddy, happy, funny, angry, sad, confused, back to angry, sad and everything inbetween. There were so many emotions going through me at once that it became hard to distinguish which emotion I was actually going through. The fact that both characters were facing such tough choices in their lives, it made my heart ache for them so badly. They started off kind of hostile toward each other. Noah felt that Echo was just this selfish, princess bitch that always got her way. And Echo assumed that Noah was this pot smoking, drinker asshole bad boy that everyone made him out to be. Their relationship grew slowly and intense once they realized that they were so much alike. They were both struggling with demons of their own, but trying to be themselves in the process. Noah was the sweetest, most wonderful guy Echo could have ever met. He supported her and even when he saw her ugly scars that covered her arms, he never turned away. Not once. And he even told her she was still beautiful. No one ever treated her the way Noah did. It was so beaituful to see their relationship blossom and intensify as time went on. I cried, laughed,smiled, cursed, pulled my hair, yelled at Noah, told some of them off throughout the book. There were some unexpected twists and dammit if I wasn't already distraught. Katie threw in some really crazy and sad shit in there. For giggles? I don't know, but I wasn't laughing. I cried so hard, I had to stop a few times to collect myself cause I couldn't see the pages. I understood their pain, losing a parent is never easy. My heart ached the whole way through with Noah. I wanted to hug him. Then at one point he tries getting custody of his 2 younger brothers once he graduates high school. OMG, that whole situation with that was hard to deal with. I had a hard time breathing, seeing the pain Noah went through. All he wanted was his brothers together again, their family minus their parents. And when you learn the truth about what happened that night, you're just even more broken up about it! It is truly sad!

I loved all of the secondary characters. Noah's best friends Beth and Isaiah were amazing! They were such good friends and support for Noah. They really looked after him and stuck by him, even when they were unsure about Echo. Beth kinda ticked me off at times. But I realized it was only to protect Noah's heart. I grew to love her.
I only liked Lila, Echo's best friend. Even though at first she pissed me off, she turned her shit around and showed her better side.I hate Grace and Luke and all the rest that were so judgmental and hateful. Little bastards! I punch their faces in! I loved when Noah and Luke fought at the dance. OMG, I was rooting for him to beat the shit out of Luke. Yeah, I'm volitile. Oh well.
I liked Echo's dad and her step mom, eventhough there was alot of drama with that. But OMG I wanted to kill her fucking mom!!!! I felt bad for her. I really did. But when I found out the truth, HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I wanted to slap myself for feeling sorry for that horrible bitch! I loved Noah's little brothers. OMG, my heart hurt for them. Their foster parents really warmed my heart but I still felt a stab of sadness for Noah because he wanted to adopt them so badly. But in the end, things worked out for the best. And my favorite character in this, Mrs. Collins...she was the glue to the whole thing. She was amazing! She never gave up on either of them. She showed them that to trust and put faith first, things will aways work out. I loved her so much for everything she did for them! Ugh, its bringing on the waterworks again! Just thinking about this book, makes me want to sob all over again. It was a beautiful story about love, friendship, trust, starting over, healing, and moving on. 

The end. Oh my the ending was AMAZING! I loved it so much! Seriously, this book brought out so many raw emotions from me. I highly recommend this book to all romance lovers. Trust me, this book will consume you. And you'll be left thinking about it long after you turn the last page!! So all you PC fans, prepare for a story that will rock you, sock you, knock you on your ass! It's truly SPECTACULAR!!!! I am definitely reading more from this author!! Fantastic debut Mrs. McGarry!!!!