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AH! Amazing!!! I loved this book! I devoured it, not as quickly as I wanted to, damn life getting in the way. But I love angel books, they're my favorite in the PNR genre!!! And this case was no different. Seriously, this book sucked me in when I didn't expect it to. I bought it with the intention of starting it after a couple other books and when I read the first chapter, I wanted more.
Then more.
Then I couldn't put the bloody book down. 
It was very fast paced and very entertaining. 
I loved Penryn. She's such s strong heroine. I admire her for being so fearless. She kicked ass and took names!! Hell yeah!
And Raffe. Well hell, what can I say about this sweet and mysterious angel? I loved him, even when he was being difficult or sarcastic, or closed-off. Each glimpse of his sensitivity and vulnerability made me love him all the more. Especially at the end. He was fierce and protective and amazing! Gah! Love love love him!!!!
I want more. Damn, I should've waited for the sequel. But at least it's not too far. And I know many or most have waited almost 2 years. I feel your pain...
Thanks to my awesome girl, Chelsea for convincing me to read it. It was her review that made me want it even though I'd been eyeing this book for at least a year now. Yay! Our chats via text or GR message were awesome!! Love chatting/gushing over books with my buddies while reading! 
I need to read the excerpt for World After! I'm so anxious for it now! And I'm so excited to buddy read with my buddies! 
If you like angel books, this book is for you. Not only is it PNR, but it's also post-apocalyptic with a tinge of romance. I think there'll be much more of that in the sequel(crossing fingers, toes, eyes and every other body part). But even though there wasn't much in this one, I still enjoyed it! There's so much action and suspense that it doesn't matter. It kicked ass!!! I highly recommend it!!