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Hemlock - Kathleen Peacock

Well this book was a mighty awesome surprise! I had no idea what to expect when I started reading it. I've had it on my shelf since last year, and had wanted to read it so many times but something kept holding me back. I love werewolf books, love them. But for a year I'd been on a contemporary romance kick, and I'm happily off that train. For a while anyway. I couldn't have been happier with this book. It was so different, refreshing, fascinating take on weres. And not only that, it had a bit of a mystery in it. Mixed with a great romance, and yes, even a love triangle which I'd come to realize I was torn. 

In Hemlock, nothing is as it seems. No one is who they are. Lies. Murder. Werewolves. Friendships. So many things have you reeling at every turn when things are revealed and people are deceived and you don't know who you can trust.

Mackenzie Dobson is trying to put the pieces together after her best friend Amy is killed. It was a werewolf attack and the town is on lockdown. Trackers are in town to remove anyone infected with LS (Lupine Syndrome) and take them to the camps where they live a semi-normal life. But there are restrictions and not treated well. As more attacks occur 5 months later, Mac is on the search for the killer. The one responsible for Amy's death, along with 3 others. But at every turn, she's questioning herself and blaming herself for not being there that night that the wolf attacked Amy in the alley. Jason and Kyle, Mac's 2 best guy friends...and later on love interests, are keeping secrets. Even though they blame themselves for not answering the phone or letting her go out alone, something is not adding up. When Jason starts acting strange and getting into fights after being piss poor drunk on many occasions, Mac inlists in Kyle's help to find answers. Along the way, he confesses his feelings for her that have been brewing for a while. One thing after another, so many events and revelations come to the surface leaving Mac feeling alone, questioning whether she can trust Kyle or Jason. Or anyone for that matter. After one night, nothing in Hemlock is the same. Mac will have to make decisions that put her and her friends in danger. But she'll do anything to protect those she loves.

What really happened to Amy that night? 

Phew! This book threw me for a loop. I had no idea what kind of drama I was getting into when entering Hemlock but it seemed every page had my heart racing, my hand flying to my mouth as I gasped out loud. I would start to put things together...but then turn out I was wrong. I kept guessing, and it turned out off. And then I was trying to catch my breath, wiping my eyes, smiling, swooning, rinse, lather, repeat. Yes, I may have said that backwards, but what the hell. Y'all get it. I just mean, my head was spinning and I couldn't keep up with what was happening. It went so fast, I had to slow down and let my brain catch up with my eyes.

Let me say, this was one hell of a murder mystery. It was freakin' insane! I loved it but never expected this to be so addicting. I would put it down only to be thinking about it and what would happen next. These characters are amazing. I fell in love with each of them. Mac was a very fierce and strong heroine. She loved her friends and even those she didn't know them all that well, she wanted everyone safe. She went to great lengths to hide some ginormous truths that put her life in danger. Did she think twice about it? Hell no, it was instinct to her. She lost her best friend, and was damned if she'd lose anyone else. But on a hunt for the truth of what happened, there was a lot of pieces that didn't quite fit the puzzle. Once the truth was revealed, I was breathless...and speechless...and a bit repulsed. Some characters were so sick and vindictive, or repulsive. I couldn't believe what happened. It was sickening. But then it added up, and when shit hit the fan, IT HIT THE FAN and exploded. But it was one hell of a ride.

Peacock weaved a story of murder, paranormal, romance and suspense so well, it was like a movie was playing. It was a damn good one too. It was fast paced, and yet I had to stop and take a breath so I didn't finish it so fast. What an awesome book. I'm so eager to continue this adventure, or more like thriller with these guys.

The romance was perfect. I mean, I was not so happy about another love triangle, there's too many. But honestly, at first I loved both characters and felt torn. But now I know who I want to ship with Mac. I love both Kyle and Jason equally. They're both great for Mac and bring out the best in her. But my heart is set on Kyle. He was such a sweet guy. He's protective, kind, heroic, funny, very good looking (it's gotta be the dark hair) and he was a wonderful best friend. I could tell he loved her, even though he had to deal with a psycho ex girlfriend. I really hated her by the way. But his feelings for her were genuine and he cared about her enough to leave town to protect her for reasons I can't say. Jason on the other hand pissed me off. I love the tortured bad boys. But he really went too far at times. He was a drunk and reckless boy and was so not dependable. Unlike Kyle, Jason was hard to depend on for help when needed since he was the one always drinking and getting into fights. But then again, I guess anyone who saw their mangled girlfriend's body in the alley after a wolf attack would turn pretty fucked up too. I felt bad for him. Then he revealed secrets and his feelings for Mac too and I just lost it. I started leaning towards him. Really, I just wanted to fix him. He was so destroyed, and broken. He's the son of the most rich man in town so he got everything he ever wanted in life and didn't have to face too much punishment. But after that night, his life spiraled out of control. However, by the end, I was soley Kyle. He won me over. But I do love both boys, as did Mac. She cared about her friendships, which made it hard to make some of the decisions she had to make. But she'd do anything for both of them. It was always Mac, Amy, Kyle and Jason for years. Now that Amy was gone, she needed to save the remaining friendships. It just sucks that certain things happened. Her cousin Tess took her in 4 years ago after she lived with her dad who was not a fit father. Tess was a great friend for her. She was like the older sister she never had. Serena, Mac's best friend and her brother Trey, I loved as well. Their secret was a shocker too. But really, it made the story more interesting. Actually, I loved Trey about as much as I loved the boys. He was protective and sweet and very sexy when he got pissed. He always made sure Serena was safe, along with Mac. They all became a great team and even during some of the fights between the guys was entertaining. Guys can be such guys, competitive, it's quite comical. Except in their case, it wasn't really funny. Intense yes, funny, no. 
The end of the book had me sad, but not screaming for the next book. I mean, sure there's a cliffhanger, but it's not as bad as I expected it to be. But. I'm still aching to get my hands on the next book to see where it's headed from here. I know where it's going...but I'm eager to get back in the world of the wolves and great characters. I loved it! I definitely recommend this series if you're a fan of solving murder mysteries, woven with a delectable love triangle romance and werewolves. Since the next sequel just came out, I'm gonna wait a bit to get to it, so I don't read it and then have to wait too long for the 3rd book.