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Damn, that was some crazy shit!!! The last bunch of chapters had my head spinning. I had no idea what was going on, but I know it wasn't good. Lordy, my heart was racing. But it was good! 

I'm very eager, yet keeping my expectations low, for the movie. It looks awesome, so I hope they stick to the book. 

I'll post full review tomorrow. But I gotta say, Four is pretty amazeballs!! I can see the hype around him and find it accurate. He's so sweet and protective and flawed and just all around awesome!

I'd hate to admit it, but it took me awhile to get into this book. God, I wanted to love it. After being recommended by several people, I just feel bad that I didn't love it the way they did. But, you can't love 'em all right? That doesn't mean I didn't like it. I just have a hard time getting into Dystopian. It's not my first genre to read. I've always been more of a Paranormal romance genre reader. It's where I started, and it's where I'll end.

However, after getting to the middle, it started to pick up for me. I always enjoyed Four. When he came into the scene, I was connected to him. I enjoyed Tris. Her character was engaging, bringing me into her world, and the life of the Factions.

So why didn't I enjoy this more then? Because the whole world building was very confusing for me. In the beginning that is. Maybe I just had too much on my mind at once to pay attention to how everything worked. But I found myself lost on several occasions. I re-read a bunch to try to get a grasp on what was happening. Things finally clicked though. And then shit was going down and I again, was lost. Too much happening at once. First of all, what the fuck are they doing jumping off moving trains? I. Don't. Get. That. I'd be dead in a frickin' heartbeat...like KER SPLAT! Dead. I don't know, that was just weird to me. I guess it's because I had a near-death accident with a train and I don't like the sight of them. I hate them in fact, they scare me. So, no fucking thanks. I'll pass on committing suicide. Ha!

I did like the Factions and what they represented. I found the whole simulations kinda crazy too. Holy hell, seeing your fears right in front of you. I got about a handful of those, and they're pretty crazy. To have to go head-on with them would seriously drive me to a mental hospital. Maybe that's a bit extreme, but it's the truth. I did like Tris' bravery. How she handled the initiations and her choice of what Faction she chose. Even if it stirred the pot between her parents.

We learned a lot about sacrifice, loyalty, bravery, facing your fears, trust, self-discovery, what to do in a dire situation and what lengths you'd go to protect those you love. It was really fascinating. 

There's so much that I enjoyed, and some I was confused and lost on. But overall, it was better than I expected it to be when I first heard of this series a year ago. I never planned on reading it. Ever. It just didn't interest me. But then I watched the trailer, yes I watched the trailer before I read the book. I watched it over and over. And started to become more curious about the hype, so I did go out and buy it. I just let it sit on my shelf for a while before I finally opened the book. 

I enjoyed the characters. Christina, Will, Al, Caleb, Tori (my daughter's name, not that that matters, just tossing that tidbit out there), Tris, and of course Four. I even liked, hated, the bad guys...the ones that made me want to hurl them off the edge of the roof of the building eighteen stories up. Yeah, those too. Gotta have villains to keep it interesting. But I still hated them and what they did. Not cool.

The ending had a lot of action, probably the most, and I was sad and jumping in suspense and cringing, and hoping against odds that certain things didn't happen. I was able to breathe eventually, but it was still intense. But it kept me turning the pages to see what was going on and how it would transpire. 

I loved the bit of romance that was happening. Four was such a sweet, protective guy. Really. The conversations he and Tris had, the way he was gentle yet firm and attentive, yet he let his emotions slip a little, the subtle gestures he made like holding her hand, the look in his eyes when he saw into her. It was all endearing. I swooned quite a bit with that guy. I kept forgetting he was not too much older than Tris but he acted a lot older. He was mature for his 18 years, I think. And the fact that he wasn't any more experienced than she was. HELLO HOT STUFF! The end was so swoony, and I could feel my face flush a bunch. Especially their last interaction. Loved it!

I'm interested to see how they're going to bring this book to the screen. I won't get my hopes up or expectations high, not doing that EVER again. But I'm still very curious and will be anticipating the movie next year. I do need to read Insurgent at some point too, just not sure when yet.