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The Secret of Ella and Micha - Jessica Sorensen

Awwwwwwwwww that was beautiful. The ending was perfect....and I just loved this book so much!!!! Ella, Micha, Lila and Ethan were all great characters. I can not wait to continue with the next book!!! It truly had my heart soaring with joy, love and a lot of heart pounding....holy crap-the sexual tension was Hot hot hot!!!!!! 

"Suddenly, I get a little nervous. This is the first time I've ever been with someone I've cared about and it's going to be different." -Micha

First of all, I love that cover. Wow, just the cover makes me swoon! And I never really found lip piercings to be that sexy-but Micha changes my mind completely. So aside from the cover-which is screaming to be read, I found myself really enjoying this ride.

Ella and Micha were best friends for a very long time. They went through so much together. But one night-8 months ago, Ella up and leaves. Leaving her past-and Micha behind to attend college in Las Vegas without so much as a goodbye. Ella is trying to reinvent herself, she was not happy with who she was and tries to go for the good girl persona instead of the "I don't take shit from anyone" attitude that makes her so darn irresistable to Micha. That version was also the one that made him fall in love her. But when she comes back for the summer having nowhere else to, she is forced to relive her past where her mother killed herself, her dad is an alcohlic and estranged brother gets engaged without telling anyone since he lives away from home and loses contact with the family. It's also where she has to confront her feelings for Micha once and for all.

Micha is your amazing tongue pierced, sexy bad boy who spent the last 8 months searching for the one that got away. He's loved her for years and the night he tells her is the night she leaves him. He's heartbroken and miserable without his best friend. Determined to find her when she shows up at home-next door I might add. When he meets the new Ella-he's not pleased. He wants his old Ella back-the one that made his body do crazy things. The one that screamed sexy things in his mind and lose himself in her. He meets Ella's college roommate Lila, which both of them know 2 very different versions of the same person. Can he bring back the old Ella without destroying her? 

I loved this book-to pieces. It was really a beautiful story of friendship, love, pain, grief, loss and healing. Both characters are dealing with pasts that haunt them. But together, they are stronger people than they realize and in order to face their demons, they have to come face to face with their feelings for each other.

I didn't cry with this book. But it was emotional at times. However, every scene with Micha made my body do crazy things. He was just amazing and sexy and very swoony. 

“when it all comes down to it, it’s just me and her against the world. Always has been.”-Micha

I loved reading this book from Micha's POV. His voice was sweet yet entrancing. I really felt his pain when he felt he lost his best friend. Or when he was going through that brief encounter with his dad. My heart ached for him. But he was a tough guy and eventhough you could tell through his facade, he was also an emotional sweet guy. I loved that he wasn't completely macho. It's always nice to see emotions peek through when it comes to guys. But every chapter with his voice I was giddy. I can never say enough-I'M A SUCKER FOR THE MALE'S POV!! And his did not disappoint. I heart you Micha Scott! *swoon*

Ella was a great character. She was not annoying and once her resolve broke and crumpled to the ground-I liked her even more. I know she had been through alot and was scared about her feelings for Micha, but it was obvious how much she loved him. It pissed me off though when she would tell him she didn't want him with any other girl yet she wouldn't tell him why. I wanted to hit her. But once her words were out there, I felt better and less inclined to smack a bitch up, which was good though because I really liked Ella.

I loved Ethan and Lila. Both were great secondary characters. Although in the beginning, I was skeptical of Lila. She seemed too prim and proper and I was wondering how she would really fit in with Ella's life. But eventually she warmed up to me and I even feel like there is more to her than meets the eye. I liked her and Ethan's chemistry. There seems to be something there and I can't wait to read the third book in this trilogy-which is Ethan and Lila's story. YAY!!!!

Overall, this was a wonderful read through and through. I was glad I picked it up. It did not disappoint-which makes me happy because holy bloody fucking hell, that cover is GORGEOUS!!!!! So go get this book and read it. It's really worth the read! Also, it's a little quicker than I would have liked so hopefully the sequel is longer because I want more Ella and Micha. And definitely want more steam because their sexual tension is UHHHH-MAZING!!!!! I seriously wanted a cold shower after a few scenes. Sheeeesh! LOVE!!! 

Amazing 5 star read!