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Hidden: A Firelight Novel - Sophie Jordan

All I can say is...EPIC! This was one hell of a conclusion, a rollercoaster in which I'm still pretty dizzy from. Full review to come after I'm done weeping and can get my emotions together. 


I loved this book. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!! Upon reading this, I read some reviews and some were negative and some were positive. Of course, those that were negative were from people that didn't really like the series from the first book. I just ignored all the bashing and complaints of how Jordan ended it. So, I was expecting to be wary, but still felt it would end in a way she felt it should. And well, it was everything I was hoping for and more. MUCH MORE! I couldn't think of a better ending for these characters whom I've come to really adore. Yeah, they got on my nerves. Yeah, I wanted to shake some sense into them at times. But after all the bumpy, cracks and roads they had to roll through, I found that I was really rooting for them, scared for them, happy for them, fearful for them. I just plain old loved them and wanted a happy ending for them all.

So it starts off where Vanish left off. Jacinda has to enter enemy territory to save Miram who's now in the hands of the enkros. But with Will, Cassian and Tamra by her side, it should be fairly easy, right? WRONG! Even though they expected danger every step of the way, they never expected it like this. Nothing but death and destruction are waiting for them on the other side. But when one gets captured, it's only right to fight and save each other. Even when I couldn't stand her. She was a real little brat, very mean to Jacinda. And I blamed her for them getting captured in the first place, if she hadn't been spying on Jace and let her be it wouldn't have come to this.

Then, the unthinkable happens, and my anger and animosity towards her vanished. It was such a shock. The revelations, secrets, deception, confusion, heartbreak, anger towards someone else. Holy crap! I never saw that coming! How could that happen? I felt sick to my stomach. I felt sorrow and hatred. I felt all the emotions that not only Jacinda felt but that Cassian and the rest of the pride felt too.

Then other shit happened and I was scared for all of them. It was like one giant clusterfuck of a warzone right in the middle of the forest and I didn't know what was happening. New characters were introduced and I was wary of them at first. Especially Deghan. No, not wary....hatred and fear. That's what I felt. He caused my heart to collapse a couple times. It was never a standstill moment for the group. Never a moment of reprieve, or relief. I was constantly trying to breathe while focusing on everything going on. 

The characters. I grew to love them all. Tamra showed a lot of growth in this book. I was proud of what she'd become and what she was able to do. Her powers were amazing. She was amazing. I love how her relationship with Jacinda shined. She risked so much. But wait, hadn't they all?? She was awesome. And I was SO surprised and happy with the events of her ending. It was great. I felt such a big surge of gratitude towards her. She deserved everything she got. It couldn't have ended more perfect for her.

Cassian. Okay, so I owe you a big "I'm sorry" for being so quick to judge you. You were an alright guy. No, you're better than alright. Cassian grew the most in this book, I think. He really changed and made me see such a refreshing side of him. I only didn't like him because of what happened in the end of Vanish and how he was all up in Jacinda's biz every time you turned around. I know he loves her but he's not for her. No, it's not that he's not good for her. He's just not meant for her. Their love was never real. Sure, as a good friend maybe. But nothing more. So I let my love for Will get in the way of my feelings for Cassian and didn't see his good side, his true side. My mistake. However, I am happy with how things turned out for him. A little bittersweet, maybe. A little sad in a way, maybe. But still, it was how it needed to end for him. But at least I don't hate him anymore, and maybe even truly cared for him. He set aside his anger and feelings for Will to help them. Even though it hurt him, and that part sucked. Where he could feel all of Jacinda's love for Will. I can only imagine that had to be like a knife to his heart. And for that I felt torn.

Jacinda. Oh I how I was so irritated with you the last two books. But. I grew to love you just as much. She really made choices she felt was right. Through half of Hidden, I really felt nothing but heartbreak for her. She's having to choose between her pride and her hunter. She's having to make decisions that would impact and change her life. But she did what she felt in her heart were the right choices and for that I can't feel anything but sympathy and admiration. She put so much at risk and yet the whole way through, she lost so much. So much pain, so much death, so much destruction. Even finding answers about her dad didn't ease any pain. It only made it worse. Facing the fact that who she thought was trustworthy turned out to be nothing but evil and deceitful to all she's known. I can't imagine how she felt. I understood the need for vengeance and justice. Believe me, I do. And she handled everything with grace and dignity. Her emotions and love for Cassian was utterly touching and agonizing at the same time. She's known him all her life but she knew what needed to be done. Still, it was hard to witness. I cried. I did. For both of them. I felt Jacinda was such a strong and courageous heroine. I love her Draki. I loved every single second those wings came out and she was flying, whether it was to save the ones she cared about or just for the sake of flying. My how I never saw dragons as beautiful as I did when she manifested. It was such a glorious sight. I was happy to be on this journey with her. The pain, heartbreak, tears, all of it was worth it. I'll never forget this trilogy, and the characters that will live on in my heart. I was happy with the outcome of her decision. Happy with the end, and what happened with her mom. It was the way it should be.

Will. Will Rutledge. It's so hard to see the end, and leave you behind. I truly loved this guy from the first page he showed up. My love never faltered, never wavered. If anything, it only grew by a thousand with this book. He's a true hero. The things he did. The sacrifices he made for the girl he loves. It was touching and captivating. He went through hell and back, and then to hell and back again. But he never blinked an eye. Sure, he was doubtful things would work out in the end. I was too. He may have gotten a little discouraged, a little frustrated. But really, he did better than most would have done. There was so much going on and it was nervewracking to see him suffer so much. His pain was palpable. As a hunter, he turned on the one thing he's known his whole life, against his family. The people he grew up with, the only people he'd known. Just for a Draki girl and her family. That's true love right there. He risked everything to be with her. Even almost getting killed several times. Gah! I can't...I can't even. I just. I love Will so much, he was such a brave and caring and loving guy. The peril of this book was unreal. I felt like I was in the middle of the battle, witnessing the cluster fuck happening. I'll miss Will as I say goodbye to everyone. *wipes eyes* But I'll definitely revisit this trilogy again. And experience this journey once more. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of this book. This long rollercoaster ride. 

It was brilliant. Really. I'm not sure why some people hated it. I'd hated it if the ending was different. I'm so glad everyone got answers, and what they deserved. A lot of blood shed and deaths, but it happens. It's real life. I kinda wish dragons were real now. Maybe in another life. Honestly, I recommend this series. I was skeptical at first. I mean, dragons? My brother has always been a fan of dragons. Obsessed with them since we were kids. Not me. But damn, I am kind of rethinking that now. I should buy some collectible dragons and name one Jacinda. Ha ha. Okay, now I'm talking crazy. I'm just emotional. It happens when I finish a really good book and there's nothing left to look forward to. Boo. I get really insane as a reader, passionate is what I call it. Especially when it comes to amazing paranormal series. These worlds, the authors create. It's astounding. I wish I could live in those worlds, instead of the plain old mundane worlds. How boring. Really. I'm just glad I gave this series a chance. And so should you. You'd be surprised. Awwww, I'm getting frickin' emotional again. Dammit Will, get out of my head so I can stop boo-hooing. 

FIVE dragon hunting stars from me. I wish I could give it more.