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Vanish: A Firelight Novel - Sophie Jordan

4.5 I-love-Will stars

Finished in 12 hours.

WOW!! This was...frustrating...nail-bitingly nervewracking....intense...heartbreakingly beautiful. It was a perfect continuation of Jacinda's fight for freedom. From the pride where her life is laid before her. Where she's hunted upon the Draki hunters who killed her dad and those of her kind.

Since returning to the Pride, her home where she's able to be her glorious dragon-self, her heart is still broken, yearning for Will. The hunter who saved her from his cold, evil hunting family many times. The hunter who fell in love with his prey. He stopped at nothing to keep his father from collecting her rare fire-breathing Draki skin from hanging on his walls. In turn, she had to leave him behind. It was a hard adjustment for her, to go back to a place where she once felt at home but treated like an outsider, a traitor of her kind. 

In the mean time, new things happen for Tamra. Adjusting to her new life as a rare Shader dragon, the Pride leader, Severin has taken new interest in her. She's practically a prisoner too. He's got plans for both Jacinda and Tamra and he'll make sure no one escapes the walls that line their Pride home.

However, when Will somehow shows up looking for Jacinda, finding her...pleading with her to run away with him, she has to make a decision that not only will change her life, but also puts her kind in danger. Again. It's a choice she must make once and for all, to finally put the Pride and Cassian, who's she supposed to bond with, behind her or to stay there and be miserable forever.

Holy hell, this book killed me. I was cursing so much at the book, at Jacinda, at Cassian...even at Will. They were all frustrating me all to hell. They were giving me whiplash. I seriously wanted to bitch slap them a bunch of times. But then I also wanted to hug them too. I wanted to protect them from all the dangers they faced. And they faced a lot.

Jacinda kinda grated on my nerves. I knew she was torn between right and wrong, heart and head, love and want. But still, I just wanted her to WAKE UP! She knew all along what she needed to do. She put so many at risk and caused so much trouble but it was clear she wasn't happy there. Duh! You don't belong there anymore. I knew it. You knew it. But geez, the constant battle, back and forth, whining and complaining, it was just too much. She started to almost make me dislike her. But then, I felt sorry for her. I wanted her to be okay. Safe. Happy. She deserves it too. But by the middle to the end, I didn't want to kill her anymore. Not really. She grew a bit..and gave me hope that she'll rock it in the last and final journey in Hidden. think she'll be the heroine I liked in the first book. This book, she fell flat for me. I can only hope. And then I'll forgive her for the mistakes she made in this book. We can be friends again. 

Tamra. I grew to like her more. She was selfish and whiny at first, but I understood why. Its not easy being invisible, a shadow, a nobody, while your sister gets all the attention because she's special, rare among their species. And especially when the guy you've pined over for years won't give you a time of day. I can totally get why Tam was so jealous and cold. But even though she and her twin, Jacinda had their differences, when it came down to it, she was there for her. She had her back. She loved her sister no matter what, because that's what sisters did. They protected each other. I can't wait to see how she faces the obstacle in the final installment. I think she'll be awesome. I have hope.

Cassian. I'm sorry, but I don't see why readers fell for you. You did nothing for me. You pissed me off a lot. I was sick of your constant hovering and controlling. Sick. Of. It. Hopefully, I'll have more sympathy for you in the last book. But I doubt it. You had moments, I'll give you that. But it wasn't enough to make me fall for you. And now it won't happen. I may like you a little better, but love? Pray you get the girl? Yes, I pray you finally get your head outta your ass and make a go for Tamra. That'd be cool. But hope you win Jacinda over? Nope, ain't happenin. Not a chance. But that's just my opinion. 

Will. Oh Will. Be still my heart. Wait, where've I heard that before?! I fucking love you til the end. It was always you. You bring out the butterflies in my belly. You make my heart sing when you enter the scene. Your smile lights a fire in me so explosive. Your green eyes bore into my soul, just like Jacinda's. Your voice makes my chest flutter. Since the second you set foot in that cave in Firelight and touched Jacinda, knowing, feeling, seeing what she was, and then let her go, free, safe from your family, I knew you had a hold on my heart. I knew you were different. Not evil. Kind. Accepting. Gentle. Loving. AMAZING. And you haven't let me down yet. I can't wait to see how you help the gang save Miram from your disgusting family. A stranger to you. Risking everything for the girl you love and can't live without. I know you'll be everything Jacinda needs you to be. I have faith. And it'll be an epic albeit, bumpy road to the end. And I'll be sad it's over, to say goodbye, to leave you in my books. I hate leaving my boys in books. Especially all my Will's. Every Will has a permanent hold on my heart. And you're no exception.

Anyway, getting misty eyed here. I shall conclude with, this book was frustrating and wall punching-the-wall worthy, but I loved it nonetheless. Except that there wasn't enough Will in the first half. I was depressed, sad, grumpy. I kept waiting, holding my breath for him to make his appearance, to rescue his Draki, the love of his life from a lifetime of guilt and despair. But when he finally did, it was worth the wait. The last half made up for the first half. Will made this book for me. Great job Sophie. I look forward to the last book, one more night with this gang. It'll be epic. And it'll be sad. Even though I loved Firelight better, I'm in love with the world of Draki. It'll be sad to leave it behind.